The Paint Tray for Oil Paint

  • Keep your paint on this strip  while painting (instead of on the palette surface)
  • Fits along edge of palette box or can be attached elsewhere to your setup
  • When finished, store the paint strip with your left-over paint in the "garage"
  • Supplement with new paint as needed
  • Non-chemically reactive material allows for easy removal of old paint..
  • Clips included to attach tray to palette

Palette Garage for Oil Paint

  • Air tight tube
  • See-through & scratch resistant
  • Non-chemnically reactive
  • Paint on the tray will not touch the tube walls
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to remove end caps
  • 15 ml bottle of clove leaf oil included -- enough to last for years.

p a t e n t   p e n d i n g

    Clove Oil Wicks in Endcaps for Oil Paint

    • A few drops of clove oil on the end cap wicks slows oxidation of oil paints for weeks at room temperature
    • Retards formation of "skin" on creamy oil paints
    • Clove oil wick in each end cap, so clove oil never touches the paint
    • Strong clove aroma is contained in the tube, your paints will not smell like clove
    • Small bottle of clove oil included with purchase

    ACRYLIC painter? You need the Pallet Garage for Acrylic Paints

    Click Here to Purchase Garage for OIL PAINT                  or                Scroll down to see photos

    Prices:      12"  $26       14"  $28         16"  $30  (New prices reflect the larger bottle of clove oil  -- 640%  more than the older bottle.)           

    Shipping:   $3.50 within US,   $15 Canada,    $21 Europe, Asia, AU & NZ  (Our rates listed here are the actual coast for First Class International -- which just increased dramatically.)  

    Shipping is via US Mail, First Class Package. Expedited rates not available. Rates are based on actual costs of postage with no charges for  handling or packaging.

    Click once to enlarge, then mouse over image for more info. These images show the Palette paint tray and garage being used with different types of set-ups. More to come.

  • 12" paint tray on Coulter Art Box
  • 12" paint tray on Alla Prima Pochade Box
  • 16" paint tray on Soltek
  • 16" paint tray on Stonefield Easel